Post Go-Live Support

Innovee provide both onsite and offshore support for Infor EAM. We have consultants experienced in post-implementation support and can provide the expertise needed to support simple and, or complex deployments. During this phase, we can provide functional and technical Infor EAM consultants for resolving issues, application support resources for coordinating issues across other teams, technical consulting to provide overall management of your projects. 

At Innovee, we believe that the real success of an EAM implementation is measured by the sustainability and the short- and long-term ROI of that solution within the organization. We are committed to helping our clients gain the maximum amount of value out of every EAM solution for a successful production environment. 

Our Infor EAM Post Go-Live Support include: 

  • Infor EAM Implementation and Installation (on Premise and On Cloud) 
  • Infor EAM Configuration (Business Rules, Custom Screens, Grid Design) 
  • Infor EAM Administration 
  • Infor EAM Training 
  • Infor EAM Upgrade
  • Infor EAM Report Customization
  • Review enhancement requests and implement technical solution
  • Data Migration from earlier versions 
  • Data Validation and Upload and Import 
  • Infor EAM Extensibility Framework 
  • Infor EAM integrating with / without Infor ION
  • Infor EAM Mobile and Infor EAM Transit App